Ways a Colorado Residential Energy Audit Can Make a Home Comfortable and Safe

There are many reasons for Colorado residents to have an energy audit conducted on their homes. The audit is an assessment that is performed by a trained technician that provides valuable feedback about how efficiently your home is using energy. An energy audit provides valuable information for homeowners so that they can begin making the necessary changes to transform the home into a safer and more comfortable space. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits a home energy audit offers, the information below provides an overview of ways a Colorado residential energy audit can make a home comfortable and safe.


It identifies problems


One of the biggest benefits of having a home energy audit done is that it identifies and corrects specific issues in your home.


Carbon monoxide (CO) levels


The presence of carbon monoxide in the home is a danger to everyone who lives in it. Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous because it is invisible and odorless. So, it can slowly poison anyone who breathes in the toxic gas. An energy audit easily detects the presence of carbon monoxide so it can be addressed and rectified before it can cause harm to anyone in the home.


Indoor air quality


The quality of the air inside a house is something most homeowners do not think about until it becomes a problem. However, the air inside the house is the same air that its inhabitants breathe in on a daily basis. Breathing high-quality indoor air is critical to the health and well-being of the people who live there. When the air quality inside the home is poor, it can result in headaches, eye irritation, allergies, fatigue, or even worse. A home energy audit can detect any problems with the indoor air quality so any necessary changes can be made.


Heating and cooling system efficiency


The comfort level of a home is directly tied to its indoor air temperature. When the temperature is either too hot or too cold, it can make the environment uncomfortable and unpleasant to be in. Conducting a home energy audit can help to ensure that both your heating and cooling systems are functioning properly and at an optimal level. Another benefit of properly and efficiently working heating and cooling systems is that they save homeowners money. When these systems operate in an inefficient manner, they can run incessantly and unnecessarily, which can severely increase energy usage and cost homeowners an excessive amount of money.


It offers recommendations


Once the home energy audit is completed, the homeowners will get low-cost and no-cost recommendations to help them conserve energy.


How to lower utility bills


One of the benefits of having a home energy audit is that it provides recommendations for homeowners that will help them save money on their utility bills. Many people spend more money they need to on a monthly basis due to the energy inefficiency of their homes. A home energy audit will identify all of the trouble areas in the home and a qualified auditor will provide a detailed list to the homeowner that contains all of the areas that need improvement. When homeowners see the areas that are inefficient and wasting money, they can make well-informed decisions about which changes to make to have the most impact on their utility bills.


Making minor changes


Some issues that cause a home to be energy inefficient are major, like detecting the presence of carbon monoxide. However, some of the issues are minor and can be easily rectified with a trip to the local hardware or big box store. A home energy auditor can spot these issues with ease and make recommendations that can be implemented the same day without a lot of cost to the homeowner. Some of these changes include switching to energy-efficient light bulbs (CFLs) and switching to water-conserving shower heads as well as installing or changing the batteries in smoke detectors and increasing the insulation level in the home.


Air sealing opportunities


Air leaks in the home are often the basis for home energy inefficiency. Most homeowners do not recognize the presence of air leaks, although one telltale sign is a drafty home. But, many of the leaks are hidden deep within the home and can only be detected by an energy audit. Once the audit is complete and the leaks are found, homeowners have the opportunity to seal them and make their home more energy-efficient and comfortable.


Having a home energy audit is one of the best ways for Colorado residents to make sure their home is both safe and comfortable. If you live in the metropolitan Denver area, our technicians are qualified and skilled in performing home energy audits. If you are ready to make sure your home is as safe and comfortable as it should be, schedule a home energy audit now.


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