Ways To Power Your Home With Alternative Energy Sources

Most people are looking to save money wherever they can. Whether you are below the poverty line or upper middle class it’s just a wise decision on the part of the homeowner to exhaust all your options to save yourself money.

E3 Power is always looking to help you find ways to power your home with alternative energy sources. Not only will you save money by implementing new alternative energy sources but you will help the state of Colorado and the world at large.

Add Solar Panels To Your Roof

Solar panels are one of the best and easiest ways to implement an alternative energy source in your home. Depending on how much sunlight you get and the positioning of your home you could get around 10 watts per square foot. Investing in a few square feet of panels should take care of the energy needs of your home.

If you don’t have space or money to invest in multiple panels then purchase them one at a time. Small changes make a difference and will help to cut down on expenses.

If your roof will need replacement soon, think about replacing them with solar shingles. Some companies have made solar shingles for years, replacing your traditional roof tiles for solar.

Buy or Build Your Own Solar Oven

If you’re adventurous and enjoy working with your hands you can build a solar oven with a list of household items. A basic google search for a DIY solar oven and a trip to your local box store and you will be ready to get to work. Solar ovens use the sun’s energy to trap heat and cook your food with temperatures up to 400 degrees.

If you don’t have the time or you really just don’t feel like putting in a ton of work to play Mr. Fix It you could buy a solar oven for under $400 without the hassle. You can do everything from bake to boil foods and they’re even portable weighing in under twenty-five pounds.

Install Wind Turbines

You may think wind turbines are for acres and acres of rolling hills in the middle of the country but if you have even a fraction of the land you could harness the wind yourself. Wind power is very stable and if you have one that is large enough you could supply your entire home with all of its energy needs. You will need to look into the zoning laws in your area since they violate some residential neighborhood standards.

Keep in mind that wind turbines are rather noisy so if you are sensitive to noise it may not be a viable option. If curb appeal is very important to you than you will want to take into consideration the size and appearance of the wind turbine. They are an excellent source of renewable energy but they’re not for everyone.

Air Condition Reinvented

Air conditioning uses a great deal of energy and that is why the idea of solar-powered air conditioning is revolutionary. Energy from the sun can provide electricity for your home as well as heat water. This solar-heated water can then be pumped through your air conditioner to cool your home.

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