Why You Need Energy-Efficient Lighting

In today’s economy, many people are looking for ways to decrease our utility bills. The easiest way to start is with an energy audit and consultation. At E3 Power we offer consultations where we go over not only cost-efficient light bulbs but also products that will best fit your specific need.

A consultation will also go over all the ways you can save, including things like government rebates. You will have a new illuminated space with the most savings possible to meet your specific needs.

Where Your Money Goes

First, you should start with an audit to find where your house is “eating” up most of your bill. That along with your specific needs is how we create your individual plan.

One of the biggest costs in a house is the cooling system. By placing in specific lighting you can reduce the amount of heat they produce resulting not only in savings from your lights, but also your AC unit.

Products you can install

A fantastic way to illuminate your house while reducing the amount of heat it produces is installing LED products. These will reduce your usage as well as the amount of heat it produces. Traditional incandescent bulbs release about 90% of their energy in heat. They will save you approximately $75 per year and they will last 3-25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Suggested Energy Efficient Products

  • A panel troffer gives you a variety of sizes to install depending on the size of your area. It also comes with a range of options for lighting styles, such as backlit.

  • If you’re looking for a great replacement bulb for your desk lamp or outside light, the Eco Smart is a fantastic choice. They come to about $1.24 per bulb and save about $62 over the life of the bulb.

  • Looking for something in the garage or more industrial spots the LED modular series is another great choice.

  • The dimmable Edison bulb is great for those who like the vintage look without the vintage drawbacks. Here’s an Edison inspired bulb.

LED vs. Traditional Incandescent

There are several key differences between the two styles of bulbs, not just the amount of energy they expend.

1. Incandescent Bulbs

The reason incandescent bulbs release so much heat as their energy is the way they produce their light. They start by sending an electrical current through a tungsten metal wire. This wire heats up resulting in a bright heat. These bulbs usually last about 8,000 to 12,000 hours of usage.

2. LED bulbs

Light-emitting diodes illuminate when an electrical current passes through a semiconductor. This results in less heat being released and are brighter.

What’s best for you?

When it comes to reducing your utility bills you should first look at your lighting arrangement. Whether it is replacing all fixtures with more energy-efficient options (such as LED panels) or just replacing the bulbs in your lamps LED is the way to go.

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LEDs cost less energy to run and produce less heat as a result of illumination than traditional incandescent bulbs. Don’t forget to call E3 Power if you’re in the Denver area to get your audit and personalized needs met. You might be eligible for government rebates for your upgrades.

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